A2.Janna- “What U Thought” Official Music Video from Bluehousemedia on Vimeo.

Janna comes from a legacy of music. Her roots run deep in the creative arts from dance & visual art to gospel music. Her father, Fred Smith, a music producer/musician performed on numerous records & tours including keyboards for Lauryn Hill.

Janna’s seamlessly infuses hip-hop, rap, with soul, jazz & R&B creating a musical synergy that combines a hybrid of programmed hip-hop beats with talented live musicians. Janna, a prolific songwriter, explores her feelings on topics that include the pitfalls of modern relationships to the experience of the inner spirit. . Her rapping is rhythmically syncopated with edgy lyrics while retaining the natural cadences of conversational speech. Standout guest performances include Jeff Shadley’s jazz trumpet and Mike Vines soulful blues guitar on “Good Girl Gone Bad”

Really impressed, I like her voice, it’s dope

-Aaron Reid
A&R Epic Records

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